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  • OSO Bruno Lourenço
19 JUL, 20:30, Teatro Municipal Sala Um
20 JUL, 21:00, Cinema Trindade (Porto)
21 JUL, 20:40, Cinema Ideal (Lisboa)

    Mário Macedo

  • OSO

    Bruno Lourenço
Bruno Lourenço, 2021
Portugal, FIC, 00:29:00
A bear is sighted somewhere in the northwest of Trás-os-Montes. The animal causes a natural uproar, but his existence seems to be called into question by some. With a sweet and fun register, Bruno Lourenço directs his second short film (after “Tony”, selected for Curtas’ National Competition in 2009). It should be highlighted that Lourenço is a frequent collaborator of Miguel Gomes and João Nicolau, and this “Oso” is also populated with lonely and melancholic characters, such as Rita, a nature watcher, and the specialist who comes to try and find the famous animal. With a comic-ethnographic register, the film is as much a tale about encounters as a peripheral inventory of the places we commonly call “deep Portugal”. (DR)  
PRODUCTION Luis Urbano, Sandro Aguilar - O Som e a Fúria, COPY CONTACT Joaquim Pinheiro -AGENCIA - Portuguese Short Film Agency; 351252646683,, SCRIPT Bruno Lourenço, Telmo Churro PHOTOGRAPHY Hugo Azevedo EDITING Telmo Churro SOUND António Pedro Figueiredo,Miguel Martins MUSIC Miguel Quitério MAIN ACTORS António Mortágua, Sofia Pires, Joaquim Carvalho, Paulo Barroso