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  • 180° RULE Farnoosh Samadi
23 JUL, 17:30, Teatro Municipal Sala Um
  • 180° RULE

    Farnoosh Samadi
Farnoosh Samadi, 2020
Iran (Islamic Republic of), FIC, 01:23:00
The film’s title is a rule of cinema that aims to maintain spatial balance between two characters on screen. It is precisely through this prism that Samadi’s lens brings into focus the dynamics of human relationships, both within an Iranian middle-class family and in the emotional relationships between a teacher and a student in a city high school, thus exploring both private and public space. As the drama progresses over the vast web of family relationships, secrets and loyalties, the said and the unspoken, truth and concealment blend and nuance any possibility of clarity over notions of good and evil, right and wrong or even sacred and profane. It is the dichotomies by contrast of Iranian society that are called into play, as always in Samadi’s films, knowing that the director never seeks any synthesis for this apparent dialectic. But let’s get to the story, which begins with Sara (Sahar Dolatshahi), a dedicated teacher in a Tehran high school who lives there with her husband, Hamed (Pejman Jamshidi) and their five-year-old daughter, Raha. The family is preparing to attend a wedding in the north of the country, but an unforeseen event at Hamed’s work is the reason that, this time, takes the place of a banal trigger that sets off the catastrophe, making everyday life an unbearable place. Sara is determined to join the celebration, but Hamed, stern and stubborn, does not grant her permission to make the long journey without him. When reasoning and sweet-talking fail, obstinate Sara devises a plan to flout her husband’s authority. But another unforeseen event dictates the family’s fortunes (or fate) and precipitates Sara’s transgression. Inspired by true events and marking the beginning of a series of films with very similar atmospheres, “180° Rule” is Farnoosh Samadi’s debut film as a solo screenwriter and director. In a clean and seemingly neutral style, the film quietly highlights the violence of austere moralism. It is worth highlighting the work of Sahar Dolatshahi who, in a performance consonant with the sobriety of Samadi’s camera, gives the film the mutism of her face that universalizes the “pathos” of all mothers constrained by the invisible forces of patriarchal, social and legal institutions. Here is the “180º Rule”: moral dilemmas can always be seen in two ways. But bringing this reality into view is only possible in the 0 degree of sobriety, something that Farnoosh Samadi has mastered to perfection. (LL)  
PRODUCTION Al Mossaffa, COPY CONTACT Ismene Daskarolis - Pluto Film; 493021918220,, SCRIPT Farnoosh Samadi PHOTOGRAPHY Masoud Salami EDITING Meisam Molaei SOUND Meisam Molaei MUSIC Peyman Yazdanian MAIN ACTORS Peyman Yazdanian