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  • THE SILENCE Farnoosh Samadi
24 JUL, 17:00, Teatro Municipal Sala Dois

    Farnoosh Samadi

    Farnoosh Samadi
Farnoosh Samadi, Ali Asgari, 2016
Italy · France, FIC, 00:15:00
“The Silence”, by Farnoosh Samadi and Ali Asgari, highlights the problem of identity and its constant search, in which the feeling of belonging (or absence), both affective and territorial, looms large. Fatima, a Kurdish refugee, leaves for Italy with her mother, who is ill. There, in foreign territory, during a hospital consultation, she is confronted with the inevitability of her own silence (and of her own silencing). What is happening is simple to tell, but the verbalization of the diagnosis is impossible for the girl. How to tell her mother that her state of health is extremely serious? The way the film unfolds flows in two stages, a bit like the presence of the girl on foreign soil, between two languages and between the salvation and condemnation of the mother. There are frequent scenes in which we only read, in the subtitles, the dialogues that we identify on the lips. But there are also silences of voices when the noises of objects and bodies in the plans become evident. Silence and noise, incomprehension of language and presence of bodies. This is Ali Asgari’s recipe, in what is not an occasional allusion to the cinema of the also Iranian Asghar Farhadi, because, more than geographical and cultural affinities, we find above all aesthetic resonances: the centrality of femininity and of the female figure or, for example, and more specifically, the exiguity of the space of the doctor’s office, in “The Silence”, which resembles the (also metaphorical) exiguity of the courtroom in “A Separation” (2011), as a method of densification. Between being silent and saying, there is a whole world of possibilities, but they all seem to be unsatisfactory. (LL)  
PRODUCTION Giovanni Pompili - Kino produzioni; FILMO COPY CONTACT Natalia Dabrowska - New Europe Film Sales Jan Naszewski; 48698903038,, SCRIPT Farnoosh Samadi, Ali Asgari PHOTOGRAPHY Alberto Marchiori EDITING Mauro Rossi SOUND Daniele de Angelis MAIN ACTORS Fatma Alakus, Cahide Ozel, Valentina Carnelutti