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  • THE ROLE Farnoosh Samadi
21 JUL, 17:00, Teatro Municipal Sala Dois

    Ali Asgari

    Ali Asgari
  • GAZE

    Farnoosh Samadi

    Farnoosh Samadi

    Ali Asgari

    Ali Asgari
Farnoosh Samadi, 2018
Iran (Islamic Republic of) · Italy, FIC, 00:12:00
The man is at an audition to play the role of a violent husband who is standing before the judge in court in the presence of his wife. This man’s wife is with him in the hearing room, with their daughter on her lap, watching the interview. As the hearing is not going well and the man admits to feeling uncomfortable and confused by having only one interlocutor for two different roles, his real wife is asked to read the lines of the woman in the film to come, the one who is a victim of domestic violence. And it is from the moment that the real woman enters the scene taking the place of the fictional woman that everything changes, and not for the actor candidate’s side. The man’s hearing does not improve substantially, but the woman’s performance is eloquent and convinces the interviewers. As you might expect, were this not a Farnoosh Samadi film, the man is uncomfortable with the possibility of his wife taking the spot in the film that he had been turned down for and forbids her to take the job. What a white dove inspires in the woman’s desire for freedom will only be revealed after a few minutes, but the outcome is not the most important. “The Role” excels in the deft “mise-en-abyme” in which the actors play themselves in a film in which the female character finally acquires the name of the woman who directs the film: Samadi. (LL)  
PRODUCTION Pouria Heidary Oureh - Three Gardens Film, COPY CONTACT Wouter Jansen - Square Eyes; 31622076717,, SCRIPT Ali Asgari, Farnoosh Samadi PHOTOGRAPHY Sina Kermanizadeg EDITING Ehsan Vaseghi SOUND Amir Partozadeh, Ensieh Maleki MUSIC Navid Fashami MAIN ACTORS Mina Sadati, Babak Hamidian, Amirreza Ranjbaran, Diana Dehgahan, Babak Karimi