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  • WITNESS Ali Asgari
21 JUL, 17:00, Teatro Municipal Sala Dois

    Ali Asgari

    Ali Asgari
  • GAZE

    Farnoosh Samadi

    Farnoosh Samadi

    Ali Asgari

    Ali Asgari
Ali Asgari, 2020
Iran (Islamic Republic of), FIC, 00:14:00
A rather recognizable trait about the work of Iranian filmmaker Ali Asgari, who has been selected to Curtas twice before, is his ability to turn everyday situations, trivial little events, into something meaningful and defining in his characters’ lives. As if they were small fables in which, more than moral judgement, questions about our day-to-day decisions are raised, these dilemmas manage to reach a strong emotional resonance by creating a bond of complicity between viewer and protagonist, while we think of what we would do if we were in that same situation. “More than Two Hours” (2013) follows a boy and a girl in an overnight search for a hospital. In “The Baby” (2014), a mother looked for someone to take care of her child. Now, “Witness” depicts a mother who accedes to her daughter’s request to return a dress, and considers stopping midway through in order to help someone in trouble. Filmed with a precise look that elevates the tension of every small gesture, the consequences of the decisions made in the movie hit us by surprise and endure in the eyes of those who witness. (JA)  
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