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  • MOON, 66 QUESTIONS Jacqueline Lentzou
19 JUL, 22:00, Teatro Municipal Sala Dois

    Jacqueline Lentzou
Jacqueline Lentzou, 2021
Greece · France, FIC, 01:48:00
A film about love, movement, and flux, and its absence – that is how “Moon, 66 Questions” announces itself, with a sentence right at the top. Jacqueline Lentzou’s first feature continues to explore recurring themes of her previous works, like “Hector Malot – The Last Day of the Year”, with which it shares actress Sofia Kokkali, who extraordinarily plays here the movie’s protagonist, Artemis, in a tender portrayal of the immense loneliness of a character surrounded by people. Artemis is a young girl who returns home to help in her father’s recovery, after a stint in the hospital. Resentful of having grown apart from her dad as the years went by, she will slowly discover a secret that will bring them closer together. The movie is interspersed with short home videos and a voice-over narration that serves as a diary of little revelations, which help establish an intimate register and, along with Lentzou’s careful eye, surrounded by the subjectivity and interiority of her characters, reveals itself capable of also bringing us closer to this very unique world, in which gestures are still important. (JA)  
PRODUCTION Fenia Cossovitsa - Blonde Audiovisual Productions S.A.; Luxbox, COPY CONTACT Marie Lamboeuf - Luxbox; 33171379934,, SCRIPT Jacqueline Lentzou PHOTOGRAPHY Konstantinos Koukoulios EDITING Smaro Papaevangelou SOUND Dimitris Kanellopoulos, Leandros Ntounis, Julien Perez MUSIC Delphine Malaussena MAIN ACTORS Sofia Kokkali, Lazaros Georgakopoulos