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  • PAST PERFECT Jorge Jácome
20 JUL, 17:00, Teatro Municipal Sala Dois

    Jorge Jácome

    Jacqueline Lentzou
Jorge Jácome, 2019
Portugal, EXP, 00:23:00
An associative chain of ideas, under the form of an imaginary silent dialogue between two strangers that we cannot see, followed by a variety of subjective, dissonant images in their turn also a bit strange as they depict a recognisable reality, in spite of its distorted, almost sickly, character. This is an intimate journey to our narrators' subconscious, who share a state of depression, melancholy and longing for the past, as they look into the present. Topics such as today's world, the power of a song and its context, the Weimar Republic, the moments before the 1st World War, all of these serve as an excuse to map a route of personal and historical concerns about the present. This is how Jorge Jácome describes his film: "an assessment and a sitrep" of what he's doing and where he wants to go film wise, based on his view of the origin of melancholy: "In my opinion, melancholy is something very personal and individual, and that's why it's so difficult to explain". “Past Perfect” adapts a play by Pedro Penim, "Antes", in which Jorge Jácome had previously worked the visual elements. The director rewrote the original text adapting it to his personal interrogations and cinematic context. After its debut at Berlin Film Festival, the film won the main award at Hamburg Short Film Festival and IndieLisboa's Short Film Grand Prize. (JA)  
PRODUCTION Jorge Jácome, COPY CONTACT Filipa Henriques - Portugal Film - Portuguese Film Agency; 918538364,, SCRIPT Jorge Jácome, Pedro Penim PHOTOGRAPHY Jorge Jácome, Marta Simões EDITING Jorge Jácome SOUND Shugo Tekina, António Porém Pires MUSIC Shugo Tekina, Rui Lima, Sérgio Martins, Chopin