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  • FLORES Jorge Jácome
18 JUL, 22:00, Teatro Municipal Sala Dois

    Jorge Jácome

    Jorge Jácome

    Jorge Jácome
Jorge Jácome, 2017
Portugal, FIC, 00:26:00
Under a sky in shades of lilac, in a dystopian time, the Azores archipelago has been invaded by an uncontrollable flower plague, and all its residents have been forced to abandon the territory. Coming from Japan, the hydrangeas arrived in the archipelago in the 19th century, quickly adapting to the climate and the orography. Only a small military crew is authorized to live on one of the islands, São Miguel. Two of these young military volunteers, Pedro Rosa and Alexandre Andrade, are ward companions and become inseparable. As they wander the island by themselves, they fall in love with that mysterious space and that suspended time. “Flores” is some kind of eco-utopian dream about the relationship between humans and nature, and about humans and their own nature, in which the narrative follows its own pace, dispersing itself through family memories, affective impulses, and modes of capitalist production. (PC)  
PRODUCTION João Figueiras - Blackmaria, COPY CONTACT Filipa Henriques - Portugal Film - Portuguese Film Agency; 351918538364,, SCRIPT Jorge Jácome, David Cabecinha PHOTOGRAPHY Marta Simões EDITING Jorge Jácome SOUND Marco Leão MUSIC Terry Riley MAIN ACTORS André Andrade, Pedro Rosa, Gabriel Desplanque, Jorge Jácome