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  • FIESTA FOREVER Jorge Jácome
18 JUL, 22:00, Teatro Municipal Sala Dois

    Jorge Jácome

    Jorge Jácome

    Jorge Jácome
Jorge Jácome, 2016
France · Portugal, DOC, 00:20:45
The night is young. The moon is full and darkness is the doorway to a world of discoveries. A “non-stop party”, celebrated in night spots, meeting places, places where bodies mingle and people dance, an adventure in the immense loneliness of the world. Using 3D architectural simulation, Jorge Jácome takes on a journey to four legendary “festival” sites: La Movida Beach, Luzia Mar, Green Hill and Babboshkz, all close to the sea or rivers (Montijo, Viana do Castelo, Foz do Arelho and Nazaré). The slow journey, shot with long takes, unfolds within these places, now merely ruins of headier times. The decaying walls, floors and windows, together with all the rubbish, make them sad, empty places. However, memories survive: on the one hand, music, but also dialogues in documentary style, cut off by time and delivered by people who used to live there. They reveal the desire that emerges from connections between people, as a flash of ecstasy. “Fiesta Forever” is a tender tribute to the festivals and their power to galvanise everyday life. Directed at the prestigious Le Fresnoy School, this is a melancholy film by the young director Jorge Jácome. (DR)  
PRODUCTION Le Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains,
COPY CONTACT Natalia Trebik - Le Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains; 330320283864,, SCRIPT Jorge Jácome PHOTOGRAPHY Marta Simões EDITING Jorge Jácome SOUND Luc Aureille, Simon Apostolou MUSIC Luis Giestas