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Awards Curtas Vila do Conde 2022

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Awards Curtas Vila do Conde 2022

The list of winners of the 30th Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival is already known.



Nest, Hlynur Pálmason

Jury Statement: ​​Static shots to their full potential, with a tinge of sophisticated humour, well-dosed suspense and a precise sense of timing, demonstrates the art of cinema as an exploration of time and space in its purest sense.

Best Fiction

Cuerdas, Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren

Jury Statement: The award for best fiction goes to a film that is characterised by the acting of the protagonists and the location of the film, which is a central element of the narrative and at the same time symbolic of the exploitation of nature and humanity. With a lot of subtlety, the story builds up and leads us to the moment that left a strong impression. The film about civil courage, dignity and the homo economicus has impressed us.

Best Documentary

Haulout, Evgenia Arbugaeva, Maxim Arbugaev

Jury Statement: For showing in a temperant and epic approach all the violence and beauty of nature and creating a beautiful moment of cinematic ecstasy with the gesture of opening a door into an animal landscape.

Best Animation

Scale, Joseph Pierce

Jury Statement: Unbridled and unfaltering, it delves into the darkest corner of the human mind with crafted imageries and psychedelic visions that allow for distortion, transformation and dissolution.

Vila do Conde Short Film Candidate for the European Film Awards

The Potemkinists, Radu Jude

Jury Statement: With a seemingly simple structure fitting for a short and a profound core that questions the authority of history and the right holders to its interpretation, it uses the mundane to approach uncomfortable topics in a politically charged, provocative and ironic manner - all embodied in a walk to a grandiose sculpture.


Prize Fundação INATEL

Ice Merchants, João Gonzalez

Jury Statement: An ingeniously original tale that plays out in the heights but resonates deeply within its affectionate humanity on family bonds and reveals an aesthetically vibrant storytelling craftsmanship.

Prize Kino Sound Studio for Best Director

Aos Dezasseis, Carlos Lobo

Jury Statement: For creating images in a precise and clear way, for directing the actors with sensitivity and humanity and for creating one of the best opening shots this jury has seen at the festival, the award for best Portuguese director goes to Carlos Lobo for Aos Dezasseis.

Prize Pixel Bunker for Best Portuguese Film

Ice Merchants, João Gonzalez


Prémio Escola das Artes, Universidade Portuguesa para melhor filme

Darkness, Darkness, Burning Bright – Oraison, Gaëlle Rouard

Jury Statement: How something old can generate something new.

How a handmade process, something physical and material, can lead to a state of transcendence. How trust in the wisdom of matter can take us on a journey with all living beings.

Honourable Mention

The Spiral, María Silvia Esteve

Jury Statement: How sound and image can lead to the interior of a complex state.


Prize Showreel+ Prize Instituto Português do Desporto e da Juventude+ prize Restart for Best Film

Mistida, Falcão Nhaga

Jury Statement: The film surprises us by using a classic language, very natural, dialoguing in between silences. The narrative takes the characters (and also the audience) to revisit the past, using a story that goes through a collective heritage and an urgency of not letting a memory fall into oblivion.

Prize Blit for Best Director

Mistida, Falcão Nhaga

Jury Statement: Using an everyday life action, the director takes us on a journey where, shot by shot and in a very subtle way, the narrative builds itself, and comes into shape using a very intimate relationship, where the surrounding space is presented to us with great thought and detail. Where the characters themselves are also space, time, rhythm and the story.

Honourable Mention

Mesa Posta, Beatriz de Sousa

Jury Statement: For its investigation work, searching new languages and tools to build a narrative. For the dynamism and attention put into the editing.


International Competition Audience Award

Ice Merchants, João Gonzalez

Portuguese Competition Audience Award

Garrano, David Doutel e Vasco Sá


Pedro Pestana & Nils Meisel - Alento, Leonor Pacheco

Jury Statement: We’d like to start by saying that the variety of styles we saw is impressive, both musically and visually, especially the animations. Choosing a winner was as difficult as it was natural, since both the song and the video are top level, mainly the relationship between the two dimensions.


The Glory Of Terrible Eliz, Eliška Kováříková e Adam Struhala

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