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A place of criative intercepts, the Stereo section compiles in each edition of Curtas a set of proposals that, through the junction between music and cinema, intend to broaden the horizons of the fruition of the seventh art.

This is the section that presents the most daring programming proposals around the relationship between the moving image and music, the motto that serves both film sessions and special projects for films with live music.

These are highly attractive shows, which have conquered their own audience and, by bringing together renowned musicians, bands and artists, attract many spectators fascinated by the opportunity to see authors of choice in a format different from the typical concert. Most of the time they are original compositions, which, at the invitation of the festival, are developed by the musicians.

In recent editions, national and international artists such as Steve Gunn, Thurston Moore, The Heliocentrics, Chassol, Capitão Fausto, B Fachada, Linda Martini, Jay-Jay Johanson, Tindersticks, Lambchop, The Legendary Tigerman and Rita Redshoes, have visited Vila do Conde, Arto Lindsay, Orelha Negra, Norberto Lobo, Naná Vasconcelos, Dean and Britta, Mão Morta, Carlos Bica, Tom Verlaine, among many others.

This has been another area that in recent years has deepened the differentiation of Curtas from other film festivals, as well as the reinforcement of its identity.

On the other hand, Stereo allows the revisiting of important and sometimes unknown films in the history of silent cinema, which in this context acquire a new life from the original scores composed for this purpose. At the same time, new audiovisual creations are presented, developed to give a new meaning to the format of concerts by guest musicians or bands. The bet on internationally recognized bands or musicians ends up working as a conquest of new audiences for the festival, also for the other film sessions.

In 2022, the section integrated several feature films, such as the documentaries "The Last Waltz" (1978) by Martin Scorsese, a record of the last concert of the group "The Band"; "Songs for Drella" (1990), an intimate recording of Lou Reed and John Cale's album that was reported missing until recently; "Italo Disco - The Sparkling Sound of the 80s" (2021), about a musical genre from the 80s, and "Da Weasel - Agora e Semper" (2022), which revisits the career of the Portuguese group.

And it also reserves a special place for the long-awaited [VM] Music Video competition.

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