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The In Focus program showcases the work of accomplished directors who have made significant contributions to contemporary world cinema. This program presents retrospectives that aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of their work within its relevant contextual frameworks.

Bertrand Mandico & Elina Löwensohn

A prominent fixture in the official selections of the world's top film festivals, the 32nd Curtas Vila do Conde is dedicating an extensive program of short films to French director Bertrand Mandico. Additionally, a Carte Blanche will feature selections from movies that have influenced Mandico's cinematic perspective, including works by Federico Fellini, Walerian Borowczyk, Tony Hill, and Bogdan Dziworski.

In addition to showcasing the director's films, the festival will screen three feature films starring Elina Löwensohn, providing a broader context for the actress who has portrayed the lead in many of Mandico's films.

Elina Löwensohn and Bertrand Mandico

Elina Löwensohn & Bertrand Mandico

In Focus

Alberto Vázquez

Alberto Vázquez

Animated film director and comic book artist Alberto Vázquez has been praised for the distinctive character of his illustrations and the visionary way in which he approaches realization within the genre. His work is endowed with an unmistakable versatility, marked by bold lines, vivid colors and surreal imagery that explore the different latitudes of human emotion and the complexity of contemporary societies.

As a director, Vázquez has won critical acclaim with animated films that explore the limits of narrative and provoke the audience. Throughout his career, Alberto Vázquez has won three Goya awards and been honored at various international festivals. At Curtas, he won the audience award in 2016 for Decorado.

The In Focus program dedicated to him by Curtas is a comprehensive retrospective of his work, with short and long films such as Unicorn Wars (2022) and Birdboy: The Forgotten Childten (2015). The director, who will be in Vila do Conde, will give a masterclass on his work.

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